First Haircut!

So I decided to give shaggy girl a little trim...

She was a little shy about it, but it turned out pretty cute. 

Phase One: Shaggy
Phase Two: Square (albeit crooked) and
Phase Three: Ponytailed! (She'd clearly had enough of the hair trimming and picture taking at this point.)

I'd actually rather not cut it at all, but the front part gets in her eyes all the time and she's a little too little to always keep it pulled back. It seems more comfortable not to always have clips and headbands and rubberbands in your hair anyway. 

Also, I remember how cool I thought it was that Azia had all this dark hair...and then looked at her baby pictures a few years later and realized I had unknowingly let the poor girl spend her first year or so with a pretty awful baby mullet.

So, I figured a little shaping might be okay, if for no other reason than to make sure I don't have foggy mom-eyes that make me believe she has adorable hair even if she looks like a small toothless hillbilly.

Even if that's the case, she's a pretty cute little toothless lady.


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