18: First Basketball Game!

The middle school girls had their first game! They were excited to play and did a good job for just starting out, but it was a little hard to watch. They probably have more than twenty 6th-7th grade girls but it was pretty clear none of them really play ball or have any experience. (Beyond the little camps or little dribblers or PE or other things they do a few weeks here and there at the school.) Azia doesn't like basketball much (compared to other activities she does) and never really plays, but I suggested she should at least try it out in middle school--their season is only like a month long. If she decides to stick with it we are going to have to invest some time in getting the girls who decide they want to play some opportunities to play together. She's got a great group of smart, athletic girls in her class and I'm sure they'll get better quickly but the Charlo girls have a big headstart. Azia was the only one who score in her game; I think the next game Mission only had one point. (To Charlo's 30+ in each game)

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