234: Griz Encounter (which is way more fun than school shopping)

Zoran and Lex getting autographs.

I was going to take the boys down to Missoula to get some school supplies (since we've done none of that sort of thing yet) and I thought we'd stop by the Griz Encounter for a little bit first so they could see the football team and hang out for a little while. We pretty much just stayed there all evening. Apparently an entire college football team, friends from home, dozens of food vendors, and music is more fun than getting some paper and pencils. Who would have guessed?

I'm glad my kids don't care too much about new school things. I don't usually buy much: some shoes (because for some reason they all love shoes even though they rarely wear them?), maybe a new shirt or two for those that need them at that point, and whatever their teachers request for supplies. This year I was a little annoyed because most of them actually do need some clothes and I don't have money to buy anything. Of course really they don't need anything. And it doesn't matter that much if they get some pants two weeks from now rather than for the first day, but it is nice to get a few things so they're a little more excited about starting the new year.

But, Israel came home with a bag of stuff he bought at the local thrift shop the other day on the way home from football practice and told me he was pretty much done with whatever shopping he needed to do, though he thought at some point he should get a coat before it got cold. Azia said she didn't really need anything because she got a big bag of hand-me-downs from her friend Sophia last month. My two little boys have been obsessed with looking up different styles and colors and types of (mostly expensive) shoes online for the last couple weeks, but then they each found an $11 pair during the one stop we made on the way home tonight and they are super excited about that. They believe they are totally set for school. I need to gather those paper and pencils to stuff in their backpacks, and I think we're ready.

So I guess that means I can spend the money when I finally do get paid in a few weeks on school supplies for me? I really would like a new outfit or two. . . maybe some shoes, too. Apparently I'm much more materialistic than my children.

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