233: Ready for Middle School!

Hunter, Jenna, Olivia & Azia--ready for middle school!

I think the girls are pretty excited about starting middle school. The staff had a little pizza meet and greet gathering this evening for the incoming sixth graders, so they could see their new school and teachers and get their schedules. They also gave students their locker combinations so they could try them out and be less nervous on the first day. Trying out the locker combinations was what Azia was most looking forward to since students all got a letter in June explaining that was part of the evening. Once all the kids got their assigned lockers and combinations and headed off to find them not a one of the lockers actually opened (other than the ones that were still jammed open), so apparently someone printed the wrong combinations for the assigned lockers? Or maybe just not one of the incoming middle school students (or their parents...) knows how to use combination locks? It was slightly humorous watching dozens of kids simultaneously not getting into their new lockers, and then watching all the parents unable to get in as well. At least the kids didn't seem too bothered. One more exciting thing to look forward to the first day of school!

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