Yay Nikon!

I finally sent in my old camera to get it cleaned, because my "new" one is so beat up and has so many broken pieces on the outside I'm afraid it's going to stop working anytime now leaving me without anything to take photos with. My old one seems to have so much dust inside I can't really even take photos with it. 

I take my camera everywhere and it wouldn't be strange if it got beat up doing some of the things I'm doing when I bring it along, but in the last two months I dropped it THREE times just trying to put it back in the camera bag, onto the cement twice and the wood floor once. The glass covering the LCD screen is mostly gone, the pop-up flash is broken off and a there is a chunk of plastic missing from the front. So, I figured it was probably cheaper to try to get the old one cleaned.

But, when I sent the other one into Nikon for an estimate, they said they do annual cleaning (and a long list of other small updates and repairs) totally free. And even shipped it back for free like a week later. This totally made my month. I'm not accustomed to customer service. And I wish I knew they did this I would have sent it in years ago!

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