150: end of the season

So this disappointing image is the end of Zoran's baseball season. This was his last game, and after his first at bat and great solid hit there was some confusion with the base running. On one of the next hits he ran to third, got there safely, and was ready for the next play. Then you can see the coach from the other team showing him they'd decided to make the field smaller for these younger kids, so they were using the little fake plastic orange bases instead. So, really he needed to be on that base about 10 feet in front of him. In the meantime, as this explanation was happening, the other team got the ball back over to third, and the kid is about to go step on the base & get him out.

This was more than Zoran could handle, so not only did he pout while leaving the field, he ran off the ball field completely and went home. To his house. Season over.  I'm so tired of his awful attitude. There is something like this every time something doesn't go his way. I know he has a hard time controlling his temper, but he needs to figure it out if he wants to play. Soccer and wrestling seasons also had similar endings. I think we need to take a break from these sorts of organized sports for the next year. Of course that plan isn't going to go over well with his dad, but my plan to just stay out of Zoran's sports activities while those two yell at each other isn't really working well either.

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