144: misery

Who knew something so small could cause so much trouble?

This afternoon I had a new experience I hope to never have again: kidney stones.

I had a back/ side ache in the morning that got worse as I was driving to work, and I began to think I might have a kidney infection or something. After about a half hour at work I couldn't sit down and then couldn't even walk comfortably. Since I had no idea what was going on I drove myself to the ER in Ronan. It took more than an hour to see anyone once I got there, and by that time I couldn't really stand up and was in so much pain I was throwing up. Once they established I wasn't actually in labor they gave me some drugs for pain that didn't work at all. Then they gave something stronger that also didn't work, though I could at least tell they'd given me something. They they tried a third option that did work...for about 12 minutes. After a few hours they decided it must be a kidney stone after eliminating other possible options and decided I needed to check me into the hospital so they could monitor everything with the baby till it passed.  Luckily it did right after (after they'd moved me to a room but hadn't actually done the paperwork to check me in) and suddenly I was completely fine. 

I guess on the positive side it really was just 4-5 hours of annoyance, but really a quite awful experience.

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