62: evening without power

We lost power this evening for a long enough time that it was really inconvenient–so much for getting any papers graded or other work done.  Luckily it went off right after all the food was cooked so we did have something to eat and the kids liked eating by candlelight. Actually they liked the whole evening without power, so I guess none of it was inconvenient for them. It's nice they think everything is an adventure. The guitar still works fine in the dark (as does a charged iphone...and charged bluetooth speakers) so Israel was content. Azia had her kindle and then the task of finding all the different ways to arrange the candles so she was entertained as well. The little boys thought tackle tag and catch in the darkness were both all sorts of fun, and believed I was really lame every time I tried to persuade them to try some other activity because both of those seemed even more destructive and dangerous in the dark than they are when they do them in the daylight.

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