59: Haircut

Lex cut his hair tonight. Israel went in his bathroom and trimmed the front of his hair. Then a little while later Lex went in and did his as well. This is one thing I like better about boys. It was quite traumatic for me when Azia kept cutting her hair in bizarre ways. (This started when she was about two. . . I suspect it may sporadically continue throughout the next decade though.) I really could care less when my little boys do. They actually really could care less about it either, though. They very rarely touch their hair. I think this is only the second or third time unauthorized hair cutting has happened between all three of them. It's hard enough to even get them to pay enough attention to wash it or brush it.

I asked Lex if he liked how it turned out. He said he did and told me it looked good. He was fine just leaving it like it was. I suggested we cut it a bit more. He agree to that, and explained he wanted it bald. For about two years now he has requested a bald haircut every time it's time for a haircut. It's not my favorite look for preschoolers so I always overrule him. I suppose one of these times I'll have to let him try it out – or he'll figure out how to do it himself. He also told me for a few months last year he wanted grey hair when the other kids were coloring theirs all the various bright colors. I told him that was weird and that he didn't really want grey hair. But, really he did, and one morning at soccer I noticed his hair was indeed grey. Apparently he'd used some white spray paint from the carport on the way to the game that morning, and it quite effectively gave him some grey highlights.

He was quite happy with that look too. He's such a strange guy.

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