33: community

Before tonight's basketball game against Arlee, the Arlee team presented Mason & his family with more than $1,300 their community had raised for him in the last week, along with a wagon full of toys and books and blankets people had made. A few members of our community also organized a clothing drive and there were piles of donations filling one side of the lobby. The student service group had a bake sale during the games to raise money and the 50-50 drawing proceeds from the night also went to him--which ended up being $458, plus another $458 when the Mission teachers matched the pot, plus another $458 when the winner, Justin Krantz, also donated his portion back. To top off the night, since it was Mason's second birthday, someone organized enough birthday cake to feed the entire Arlee-Mission community to help him celebrate. Small towns can be pretty amazing. 

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