Lex's Marine Birthday

Lex is officially five. He had his marine birthday party yesterday. (And no, it is not an army party or a soldier party or a military party, it was very specifically a "marine" birthday. The specificity may have something to do with having the marine father.)

He told me that he wanted a marine party about a month ago. I had no idea what that meant. He explained it involved camouflage. And shooting people. Fun with guns–just the sort of party people want to send their children to. I tried to explain that maybe shooting each other wasn't the best party game but he just explained to me, "Really, Mom? They aren't real guns. It's pretend."

Since I never have time to plan ahead lately anyway we did no more thinking about the party until a few days before his birthday. Or I did no more planning at least– Lex was still thinking about it. My kids love birthdays and birthday parties. 
So, a few days before his birthday I asked him again and we were still stuck on the marine idea. I ordered some blank dog tags we could stamp, little plastic military helmets, a bunch of the plastic toy "marines," and camo colored tye-dye on amazon.  (Yay amazon prime and their ability delivery the next day after I decide I need something!) I picked up a couple packages of plain white Hanes t-shirts and a few boxes of cake mix and green and black balloons on the way home from work the next day and we were set.

Okay, I also bought a dozen cheap, miniature nerf guns. It was the main request. These guests all know what they're getting into visiting us anyway. They've been here before.

We made cool camouflage marine guy cupcakes for his preschool class on his birthday. (Well he thought they were cool and that's really all that matters.)

I had a cool plan for a camouflage cake I was going to try to make for his party at home and then when I actually got around to baking the cakes at 3:30 in the morning I realized I still didn't have all my circular cake pans back. This is now the third time I've realized this while baking birthday cakes at 3:00 am and still haven't retrieved the pans. I need to do better at organizing my baking supplies. Or my life. There are less resources available for coming up with new plans when you're cooking in the middle of the night.

But this was the new plan– a mountain. (It's supposed to be a mountain.) The cake underneath looks camouflage too. Or, rotten. I suppose it's a matter of perspective.

Lex was pretty happy overall. The good thing about a giant family & great friends is that really all you need for a great birthday celebration is a mass text with the party time & place and some take out pizza. Instant party. Add in some tye-dying messiness, nerf guns, and a pinata to beat open and it's even better.

I still have a few more photos of their shirts and and cake making and his birthday movie to upload & link to, but I'm posting these now since I know if I wait, it won't get done. (Azia asked me about her movie when they were looking at all the pictures on here this weekend and I realized I never put up her birthday stuff –from July– because I was waiting till I uploaded her video to YouTube.) When I get the personal secretary to organize all my small life tasks things will all get done much more promptly.

So, a few party photos for now.

Maybe to be added to a little later.

And maybe not.

Happy Birthday, Lex!

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