Day 180: Lex does some online shopping

Lex's water boots disappeared and since they are an important part of a three-old-old Spring wardrobe we needed some more. Since I rarely go shopping in actual physical stores (partly because there aren't any close by and partly because I hate trying to find anything) a couple days ago I let him check out new boot options on the computer. He loved it. He spent about a half an hour looking at all the different kinds and even after he picked his favorites and we bought them he wanted to keep looking. A various points later in the evening he'd ask me if we could go look at boots again on my computer. This afternoon the UPS guy dropped them off while he was with Gwen. I opened them & they looked a little too big so I was going to return them and get a smaller size. But, Lex got home while I was at the post office and when I returned he was wearing them as he ran around the yard. Gwen told me he was excited when he saw them, told her he got them from his mom's computer, and wanted to put them on right away. They're quite a bit too big but he didn't take them off all evening. Not even for his bath. I turned on his water and when I went back to check on him he was in the tub washing off, still wearing his boots. I told him they weren't for the tub, but he just told me excitedly, "They're my water boots, Mom!"

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