295: Grandma's New Toy

We finally went to deliver Grandma's birthday present tonight. (Really I wasn't just keeping it all month so I could play with it since it's all new and not cracked and overall just nicer than mine.) We set her up with a facebook account,  downloaded a few photos so she could access them easily, and Michael showed her facetime and promised to come back tomorrow to add a keno game. Grandma's favorite thing has always been her family (I personally like think grandkids are at the top of the list, though her own children and those great-grand children rank pretty high too) and she has always loved and collected photos. She has them everywhere– on her walls, in albums, in her purse. Hopefully helping her get online will let her feel more connected to not just those of us here in town,  but also her family in Utah and Nevada that she doesn't get to see as often. Since we all share hundreds of photos online, hopefully she'll get to see more of them since we haven't been very good out printing things out lately.

It was kind of late by the time we got up to see her–– everyone there was already ready for bed. We tried not to stay too long and told her we'd come back in the next few days to show her a few more things. I figured she probably wanted to get to sleep. About a half an hour after we left Jim called me with some ipad operating questions. I guess she was a little too excited about her new toy to go right to sleep. Of course since she lives with her son, it's nice she has some built in technical support. Sorry Jim. :) 

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