251: one of the guys

He doesn't quite realize that he is not, like his friends here, a high school boy. There is really not much Zoran likes more than high school athletes and this group of guys is so good to him. He's missed his buddy Will this last half of the summer and spent half the game cheering from his shoulders. Later he was sitting with Dylan discussing the artwork he created earlier in the game (which included drawings of all these friends he was sitting with) while this varsity quarterback patiently listened and asked him questions about each part.  Zoran used to only quiz me on NBA stats; after basketball camp with the older boys this summer he also began making sure I was aware of all these local athletes and wanted me to bring him to watch them play 3-on-3 ball. Now he's figuring out their positions on the football field and is right there to cheer them on and off at the beginning and end of the game.

I hope he remembers in another decade, when little kids are looking up to him, how great it felt to have high school athletes pay attention to him when he was only seven.

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