248: Peace Festival

The Peace Festival at the Garden of 1,000 Buddhas was Saturday in Arlee. I took all the kids down because that seemed like a good idea. . . you know, before we actually got there and everyone was enjoying the peace and Lex was dying to climb the giant Buddha and was dancing around posing like the golden lion with nipples. (Seriously of all the beautiful things in the garden he noticed the gold lion with prominent nipples?!) And all the boys thought the statues were all for touching and climbing (all thousand of those Buddhas. . .) and the paths were for sprinting. It was exhausting reminding them otherwise.

We need a little more practice with stillness. Also, we need to work on broadening our knowledge of world religions. I realized even the older girls knew nothing at all about Buddhism. Sometimes the most important part of experiences is figuring out these gaps we need to fill.

And I was able to banish the craziness (i.e. my gang of wild boys) to the field so I could listen to Simon Ortiz speak. So, all in all, it probably worked out okay for all of us.

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