240: Israel's First High School Football Game

Mission had their opening football game tonight. They did really well against Plains and were up 22-0 by the half, so the second half a lot of the younger kids got some good playing time.

Israel did really well. He moved to running back this year and it seems to be a good fit for him. He isn't found of me saying I'd prefer if he was bigger to play running back at the varsity level, though he's pretty fast and was dragging around some other players attempting to tackle him pretty well for a less-than-140-pound guy. He had 20 yards with his 4 carries which isn't a bad start to a high school career at all. The most exciting moment of the night (and sort of the most disappointing one as well) was his run that was literally inches (6? maybe 8) short of a touchdown.  So, so close. . .

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