239: Christina is 29!

And she really is 29! For the first time! :)

We made her a cake this afternoon and the kids were so excited to surprise her. She happened to be gone for a few minutes right as we were bringing it over & all our kids sprinted around the house straightening things up, arranging the cake & homemade card along with her birthday flowers on the table and getting ready to light the candles. The little boys ran outside and climbed on top of the baseball dugout beside the yard to be lookouts, and Azia kept an eye out from upstairs (which actually made them all incredibly visible to everyone driving in, including Christina, but that's really beside the point). They even devised a code word to let each other know when she was coming so everyone could turn off the lights and hide. I think it may have been Black Eagle.

It was all incredibly sweet and cute how excited they were to try to make someone else happy. I need to be better at helping them find more opportunities to do things for other people.

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