iPhone + Instagram: 6.14.12

Michael has been selling tickets to the annual fireman's Picnic from the giant fire truck. My children find this very exciting. Probably not the most efficient way to sell tickets but definitely the most fun.


Selling tickets is way more fun than cleaning. That was what we were going to get done this week. It didn't really happen. 

Azia and Jenna started by organizing all her clothes. Mostly they just drug them out and scattered them all over the room. I walked in & saw this when I thought they were cleaning.

"Azia, this is. . ." I wasn't sure what to say.

"Nasty!?" she finished my sentence for me and started laughing.

And that about covered it.

Meanwhile, I'd left Lex to help put away (at-one-point-clean) dishes with his brother.

He wasn't that helpful.

I had him help me come clean his room with me.

He wasn't that helpful there either.

And Azia decided she was done cleaning and moved on to cooking.

Very miniature grilled cheese sandwiches.

And playing some Trivial Pursuit on the kitchen floor.

And then helping to plan Zoran's birthday party which will apparently involve some boxing and MMA matches:

My kids are so productive.

If ever we get on the same page about what we should be being productive about, we will be incredibly impressive.

However, for now, that focus is not getting our house in order. Maybe next week after I have some of my major work products done and I can supervise more closely we will be living in less chaos.


I  think my children have been literally sleeping through school all year, or maybe summer activities are just much more tiring. They've been doing basketball & watershed (science sort of camp) all week and they come home at 3:00 and fall asleep. Usually they stay up late, get up early, and don't regularly take naps after about age two.

Even the cat sleeps all day lately.

Or actually he doesn't. None of the seven (!) cats do. They just do things like spill my drinks and break my cool purple mugs.

They really need to be delivered to their new homes soon.


Brian and Aspen's exchange students went home this week. My kids were sad. Zoran and Azia wrote both of them goodbye letters.

I saw yesterday Azia was posting "I miss you" messages on their facebook walls. 


Lex was still my Friday buddy for one more week since all the older kids are still busy with their summer activities.

We went to Missoula in the morning.

He spent the whole time we were in Goodwill wandering around asking, "Can we go to Walmart, yet?"

(It is possible that sentence makes us sound slightly more poor than we actually are.)

He's been asking to go to Walmart all week. I have no idea why or what he wanted at Walmart or why he even has Walmart on his radar.

Of course once I finally did take him there, this seemed to be what was cool about Walmart:

An entire huge aisle of superhero toys. . .

He was a little annoyed I wouldn't buy anything, but we made a deal about giving him some extra jobs if he keeps up on all his regular chores so he can earn some money to buy something next month. Lex isn't very excited about extra work these days so I'm not sure how that will go.


I'm hiding the socks for the summer.  I really hate mating socks.


One of these days I'll get up early enough to run in the morning. Until then, at least the sunsets are cool. (I never get around to running until the sun is going down and I only make it before I have zero sun a few times a week. Working on re-prioritizing things is also on the agenda this summer.)

Not sure if this can even qualify as a track? Look at all the things growing in there!

We had an evening rendezvous with the Careflight medical helicopter at the Bison Range. It’s never good when we need these guys, but it’s sure nice when they show up.


"Bedtime." He's not really on an early-to-bed-early-to-rise sort of schedule these days. He is quite sensible though. Once he is tired he just turns off his drawing program and goes immediately to sleep. I told him it was time to go to sleep a little before this when I was getting in the shower and he just asked me, "Why would I go to sleep? I'm not tired right now?"

I know he's only four, but this makes perfect sense to me, and I couldn't see any good reason to argue with him. Ten minutes later he was asleep.

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