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Lex is a ball player these days. He loves baseball (hitting specifically) which I sort of love, because he's never been interested in any sort of sport or game or anything that involved paying attention to rules or following anyone else's agenda or timeframe.

 I realize he's only four, but not only has he been pretty passionately disinterested in any sort of game, his brother who is just a couple years older was shooting baskets and learning rules and wanting to win as soon as he could walk (it may have been sooner, actually), which just exaggerated his disinterest.  

I don't actually care if he wants to be involved in sports or not, but I do care that he eventually decides to at least be aware of what other people are doing. Maybe eventually we'll move on to cooperating with them and that whole teamwork idea. 

 For now, it's pretty cute that he wanders around begging others to pitch for him.


Headstart Pow wow

Lex can go from this happy boy

 to this immoveable pile of poutiness faster than anyone I know.  For no clear reason.

Some days I just want to avoid leaving the house with him and let him stay home and play with apps on his ipad and eat marshmallows. He's rarely ever in a bad mood until I mess with whatever routine he has set up for himself.



They're getting big and not going to fit in the little sock basket their mom picked out for them much longer. They don't sleep all day now either. Not sure what we're going to do with them once they all get mobile.

 They always look like they want to get out now, but they don't actually want to yet. We took them all out the other day for a few minutes and they were a little overwhelmed by the experience. Most of them don't really walk very well yet either. They are pretty cute though.


And yes, I do look this scary.

I think I need a name tag:

Hello my name is Christa.
I have not been beaten, am not taking drugs, and do not have pink eye.
I did however just get lasik so I can very clearly see how horrified you are.

The no glasses, perfect eyesight is really cool. Walking around looking like this, much less so. 

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