camera phone candids: a day with Lex

Lex is so crazy (in a good way, 90% of the time) that I think I sometimes don't record how perfectly awesome and relatively sane and calm he is so much of the time. I found this series of pictures from our day last Friday on my phone. (Okay that first one there isn't from my phone, since he's clearly holding my phone captive so he can play games on it and record movies of me he can later add bombs to, but the rest are from the phone.) It's a pretty good glimpse into our day.

 Sweetly sleeping. He wasn't too happy about me waking him up, but I had an early appointment in Missoula.

So, while I talked to eye doctors and billing people once we got there, he watched movies on the iPad.

And yes, that is the same shirt he slept in. I'm not sure why he slept in it to begin with (he is a big pajama fan, even when it isn't bedtime) but he wasn't interested in taking it off when it was time to get ready to leave.

I have no idea why it was so it was important for him to wear it, but it didn't smell and there were no obvious stains.

Some battles are not worth fighting. 


All the cool people take self portraits of themselves in public restrooms to post on the internet, right?

It's a trend I've noticed lately, and I surely don't want to be left out.

But this is why I really had my phone out in the bathroom:

Lex is still slightly terrified of the flushing power of public toilets. I find it a little humorous since there is not much he is scared of and he's he's big enough now that he can usually wait long enough to avoid them. Also, he's overcoming it, because he will flush them now. He'd just really prefer not to. If he does have to do it, he either sprints away really quickly or makes sure he has his ears properly covered.


Once we were back in Mission we were getting ready to head to Polson and there was an ambulance call that apparently no one else was in town to cover. When you are trying to cover 24/7 with a small group of volunteers who all also have jobs, it get a little tricky to make sure you always have at least two EMTs in town.  In the 10 minute gap before someone else got in to town to cover, someone needed an ambulance.

So, Lex got to go on his first ambulance call. He waited in the front seat of the ambulance while we were in the house helping the patient and getting them loaded, so I don't think anyone but Jim and I knew he was there.

And clearly, it wasn't all that exciting to Lex.


Gwen meet us up at the hospital with my car so we could make it to Israel's track meet. Lex liked hanging out with his big brother for the first hour or so, but then he got bored with that and preferred to dash across the track at inappropriate times.

Track meets can move a little slowly sometimes.
If I wasn't going to let him run on the track, his next choice was to sit right along side it, toes right to the line I told him he couldn't cross.

Mostly, I think, this is because last week he got annoyed when I wouldn't let him play chicken. . . he wanted to stay in the middle of the track when they  started the races and jump out of the way before they ran over him.

I'm sure runners would really appreciate that.

He was ready to leave after another hour or so of waiting and then watching his brother high jump. He'd become obsessed with the bananas that were far away in car and was sure he was about to starve to death.

Luckily we made it back to the food while he was still in a pretty good mood. He is such good company.

Once we got back into Mission he go to hang out at Israel's game playing in the dirt and doing more batting practice on his own in the grass behind the baseball fields. A pretty good end to his day.

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