109: sick Lex

Lex has been randomly throwing up the last few weeks. He been doing it every day or so but then seemed to seem fine otherwise. No complaints of feeling sick, no fever, no sore throat, not even any stomach ache. Then the last few days he mostly just threw up and slept. The doctor recommended we cut out any real heavy foods for the next day or so: anything substantial, anything with dairy, anything high fat. . .  basically most things Lex would want to eat. He thought jello was cool for about 15 minutes. Soon he had various versions of jello and Gatorade lined up all only the counter beside his bowl of chicken broth, and was telling me he was hungry. When I tried to point out all the options right there he just told me, " I don't want any of that sick food." 

I'm pretty sure the pun was intended.


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  2. You take such beautiful photographs! I wish I was less inept at capturing "Moments" like that...although I'm great at capturing blurs and accidental iphone photos :)

    1. Thanks Amy. Though this is actually an iPhone photo, a blurry one even, so I totally understand how that goes! :)