why I love picking up the boys from school

Lex's hello greeting as he and Iyezk are putting on their coats: 

"Hey Mom, I think I'm going to be a cop car driver when I get big. That means I'll be a cop, because only cops get to drive the cop cars. But you'll call me a police officer. That's the other name for cops."

Me: That seems like a pretty good plan.

Lex: Okay Iyezk, let's go! My car's here!

Me: Lex, why are your boots on the wrong feet?

Lex: Because it makes me fast! Way faster!
and he runs out the door, across the lawn, and toward the car  
Watch how faaassssssttttt I can ggggoooooooo!

As we loaded up and drove away I told them I needed to make a quick stop at the store.

Iyezk: I think it's okay, but only if we go in with you.

Me: Yes lets hurry, we need to get back before the rest of the kids get home.

And then I noticed they weren't right behind me.

Come on!

They were walking sort of bull-legged, shuffling in slow motion.

Iyezk: We're old men.

Lex: Old mans don't go really fast.

And they continued to trail behind me, slouching and shuffling, surprisingly in sync. 

Me: I just need to grab some vegetables.

Lex: We need suckers!

Me: I'm not buying suckers.

Iyezk: Suckers are free. You get them over there! (pointing at the bank) These old guys are getting suckers.

And they shuffled off to get the suckers. 

The "old mans" getting their suckers ("under armor" backwards boots and all).

I paid for our onions and peppers, they got their suckers, and as we loaded back in the car, Lex begin stripping off shirts and shoes and socks.

Me: Lex, leave your clothes on.

Lex: I'm just going to wear my under armor now. I'm not putting the others back on. (He had a black long john shirt I bought at Target for $2 that he seemed to be considering putting back on. The shoes and socks, the shirt that went over it,  and the coat seemed out of the question.)

Me: Lex, that isn't under armor.

Lex: Mom. It is.

Things are all so clear when you're four.

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