63: Green Eggs and Ham

Yes, we know Dr. Seuss's birthday was actually yesterday, but yesterday we all had to go to school and work. I know some people get up early and make breakfast like this every morning before heading off for their day, but we are not those people. Choosing big breakfasts over sleep is madness. (And I seem to have passed on this belief to my children.)

But, I did tell the kids we'd have green eggs and ham for breakfast today. Well, actually we settled on lunch because even when we don't have to get up and be out of the house early, I'm not a big fan of cooking breakfast.

Lex was in charge of the cooking. He was pretty excited about that, but then got upset because his ham was not green. I tried to tell him it was green eggs and ham but then he went and got the book off the shelf and showed that I was clearly wrong.

As he and Azia were eating I was remembering last year and one of my favorite photos of all the kids and their Dr. Seuss books. These days we have so few little people around!

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