Day 144: Celebrating Seuss

I love how much all of these guys love books.

I also love how much they really just love most everything.

We had green eggs and ham today for lunch and read a few Dr. Seuss books together. We're a day late, but I had to spend the first half of yesterday talking about the Myth of Sisyphus and reading Plato with much taller people and wondering if any of my college students will ever make it out of that damn cave. It didn't leave nearly enough time for reading Dr. Seuss.

But today we read about the wild cat in the crazy hat and I remembered once again that my children should not be allowed to read that story. They need no more of that sort of inspiration.  I also just grabbed a bunch of Seuss books off the shelf so they could all look at them on their own and find their favorites, and they were so excited.  These books are all on the bookshelves that they pick books from every day. We've probably read most of them multiple times over the past couple years, but for some reason it was incredibly exciting to have a big pile all by Dr. Seuss they could dig through and talk about with each other. Well it was exciting to everyone but Lex. He likes a few of the books okay, but he went through the whole dozen or more I had pulled out and realized Dr. Seuss had absolutely no books about fire trucks (at least that we have in our library).  So, he went back to his room and returned with some of his preferred reading material. I think he was still feeling left out, because he just hid his little fire truck book inside a big Dr. Seuss one. See the photo above? He is right in the middle of losing control of his "cover" book.  I apologize in advance to whatever teachers he has in the future who may want him to read something he is not enthusiastic about.

When the older kids got home we still had books out everywhere and they started reading them too. Last year Zoran was the "big kid" at home with me and he held the book while I read it to everyone on our Green Eggs & Ham day. A year later and he can read the whole thing himself.  That realization may have been my favorite part of the day.

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