Dr. Seuss Week!

Even though half of these little people aren't quite big enough to sit through any of the Dr. Seuss books I actually like, it's always fun to find an excuse to celebrate reading. And eat strange food! We read a book or two by him each day this week and then Friday read Green Eggs and Ham.

Zoran doing a little preview for everyone before we started.

I had lots of help from Kanana. She really likes to turn pages these days. And she likes to turn them on her own schedule. She was a little annoyed with me for much of the book because I like to turn them as I read them which was not the same as her schedule. Lex really likes books with repetition and rhyming right now because he finally talks enough to repeat phrases and feel like he's reading along.

And of course you have to follow up that book with a meal that somewhere includes green eggs and ham. Zoran was a little worried about eating green food. He wasn't sure he wanted to try it so he made toast & jelly for everyone while we were cooking the eggs and ham. But when it was time to eat he decided it wasn't that bad and instead was a little disappointed that only the eggs were green and not the ham, too! And of course Lex didn't seem to care what color his food was--he just ate it. And then had a few more servings!

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