Since the kids think it's warm enough for the skatepark

We hadn't been to the skatepark in a couple months and the weather has been so nice the past couple weeks the kids have been asking to go. Not that we have a lot of real skaters, but for some reason this giant concrete structure is all sorts of fun anyway. The good thing about going now is that since kids are in school (or at least are supposed to be in school) so there aren't a lot of annoyed real skatboarders when there is a huge invasion of people under 5.

We couldn't even find any of our skateboards (though I didn't actually look...) so we had a carload of bikes and scooters and even a big wheel. The older boys were so excited to go they actually somehow figured out how to get everything loaded in the car without my help.

If only it was padded, it would be kind of like those little baby foam play areas--but for bigger kids. It has all sorts of room to run around, climb up, slide down. Of course it's completely hard and probably we should strap little helmets on everyone, but they all survived.

Lex's favorite part was probably the sliding.

He liked hanging out with Brooklyn, too.

But he also wanted to make sure she enjoyed the sliding. (Luckily she did. They repeated this a few more times and took turns giving each other pushes down the slide.)

Paisley & Brooklyn out for a walk.

Right into the bottom of the bowl. Where they were then stuck.

The boys to the rescue! Kind of. They look like they had a good strategy to run them back up to the stop, but it wasn't really effective. Lex wasn't really ever in on that plan. I think he just thought it was one more thing to slide down.

Kanana. At this point she seemed oblivious to what was going on down in the big hole. A few minutes later she was trying to climb in to.

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