2: Azia's night list

I spent the entire day cleaning Azia's room.

It was awful. She cleans her own room normally, but if she doesn't do it every single day she is so messy and busy (with supplies) that it quickly spins out of control and is too overwhelming for her to handle. This happened somewhere near the end of November and I haven't had time to help her since then. So once the space under the bed and in the bottom of the closet got full, the edges of the room started to collect random things. I could do a small book on the strangeness I find every time I help her clean.

But, this list explained a lot. If Azia's room is clean, she'll often spend hours in there by herself. If she's busy with all these items on her night list, no wonder she doesn't have time to put anything away. That's leave no time to choreograph a new dance or practice juggling!

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