Rolled Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

I'm taking a break from work to figure out what sort of Christmas decorations to make this year. And then sometime I need to figure out when to make them all!

I got a bunch of cool paper really cheap a few weeks ago. I had a plan to use that, but I'm not creative enough to think of any unique things to make. So, I think we're going to make a few dozen Christmas trees.  We started by cutting little strips of paper about two inches long and in all different widths (about a half inch difference in each size) 

As I started rolling the paper, Azia reminded me that it was the same process as she used when making magazine beads. You could actually make these ornaments with old magazines or wrapping paper, too, and I think they'd look pretty cute. They'd also be easier to roll and glue. 

Since I picked out some really thick (almost cardstock-like) paper, I dunked each piece under water before we started rolling them, just long enough to get the whole think covered. Then I rolled up each, using a pen or pencil to keep it tightly wound and a glue gun to stick them in place.

In this first version I just used dental floss (reinforced with glue) to tie it all together and added another little paper circle for the trunk. The star is a brad and the name is just done with stamps.

I tried another version where instead of stringing the pieces together with floss, I used a wire  and slid them all onto that. I bent the white wire at the top into a star. After everything was on it, I bent the remaining wire on the other end into a trunk. I stamped the name and date onto little metal plates in that one.

Though I liked the second version better. I think we're going with the first just because it's a little faster and easier to make, especially when I have no time to figure out where all out my wire bending jewelry supplies are. Or all my hammers. I've not been too successful at trying to stamp things in the metal with the makeshift supplies I could find. The lettering looks a little rough. 

At least I have a plan. Now to just find the time to get them all done in the next couple days!

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