InstaFriday: mostly Lex . . .

Hanging out waiting for me during my appointment at the eye doctor. . . back in the old days when Israel was my little sidekick I brought regular old books to keep him busy during things like this. Spoiled youngest child get to play with the ipad.

It seems the last few weeks most of the photos on my phone are of Lex. I think this is partially because both of us had a week of school when everyone else didn't, so we were back to hanging out a lot. Like 24 hours a day.

Also, he's just crazy.
I keep thinking he's going to grow out of this destruction phase. Not yet. The other day I left my stamp pad on the end table and when I was in the other room he stamped his stomach and covered his arms.  I took it away and went to put it upstairs, and came back down he'd cut open his stuffed Shriek doll and was tearing out all the stuffing, throwing it all over the room. When he saw how upset I was, he just said, "I can fix it." He put on Shriek's miniature brown vest, stuffed all the stuffing back in the hole, and slapped a piece of duct table across the hole. "See? All fixed."  The next day he showed up for room cleaning with this mustache. "I wanted to be the bad guy." I think his sister helped with the make up.  Sometimes he just leaves me speechless.

Today we were getting ready to go play flag football and I noticed he had orange marker all over his face. I asked him why he did it. "I had a scrap right there (pointing to his forehead) so I covered it up." And as I washed it off I noticed he was right. There was a little scrap, but his camouflage had been effective. You didn't notice it at all under all the orange marker.

Yesterday I walked into my bedroom and he was sitting on my bed, watching something on the ipad wearing no clothes. I told him he had to get dressed and he came out of his room wearing about four shirts, a few pairs of pjs and shorts and some underwear on top (and on his head). I guess there's no middle ground.

He was also my fabric shopping partner a few times over the last few weeks. Apparently fabric shopping is more fun with a shield.
 Actually is seems everything is better with a shield. He also found the drawing app on the ipad and can draw pretty good Captain America stick figures.

A few other people did sneak into the pictures occasionally. 
My strong boys.

Iyezk & Lex. Preschool buddies.
Sometimes they definitely look like they're related.

Azia hanging out all fancy looking and sparkly. It sort of looks like that's a fake backdrop out the window.

Azia and my Grandma Elda.  I love this picture.

Of course I'd probably love it more if it was taken with my real camera with some real light, but I love that while we're visiting at 11:00 at night I can just take my phone out of my pocket and get a quick picture like this of them sitting there together which I wouldn't have otherwise.

My fuzzy boots drying by the fire. (This kindling rack is not necessarily for boot drying nor stray Christmas tree bulb collecting, but since we never have wood in it. . .)
I've thought these boots were really ugly for years. Then I made the mistake of trying some on about three months ago and I've hardly taken them off since. The are so warm and fuzzy and awesome. And, I'm going to completely wear them out and have to buy some really expensive, ugly boots all over again next fall because I keep doing things like wearing them out on ambulance calls and soaking them. Or I leave them unattended in my house and one of my children steals them and wears them around.

And as a grand finale, my dear husband has himself a snugglie.

Thank you, Nick Dinnell. All he needed was something that makes it more appealing to hang out on the couch! (Our children have also taken to stealing this.)

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