Diva Run!

 My birthday!
 Pretty great day for a Monday: presents and flowers and dinner and ice cream cake. All my children were sure Dev was putting the wrong numbers on my cake; how nice they think I'm even younger.
And another cool thing about facebook. . . a hundred or so message showing up on my phone all day from all sorts of people? Sort of amazing since I'm so antisocial it often seems like I only really know about seven people. 

 Lex at the dentist.
 I guess it could have been worse.
 Maybe next time will be better. Although eventually they're at least going to need to clean his teeth.

 Miranda Lambert

Lisa and I practicing our facebook self-portrait faces. (We obviously never do this and need a bit more practice.) Also, some dancing by someone who shall remain nameless here on the internet. :)

Ladies Night at Runner's Edge
Food and drinks and running talks and new gear. . . and a pedicure from Sorrella's!

Zoran's 7th Birthday party = chaos 

It's sure exciting to turn seven. Just ask these 20+ kids.
Good thing we have nearly a whole week till the next birthday party.

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