Not much better than a Sunday in Spring

I had important plans to clean up my house today.

Paisley on the rope swing
I was also going to make a dent in the stack of important paperwork and licensing applications & renewals that need to be filled out.

Bryce airborne
Most of it needed to be done before the end of March. . . the March that already ended, not the one coming up in 11 months.

But there was also all this picnic and barbecue food. 

And there are enough of us for two baseball teams. (Sort of. You need not be able to catch, throw, hit or know which direction to run or throw to be considered a part of one of our teams, although being able to do at least one of those things is helpful.)

I see two softballs in this photo but neither seems to correspond with the rest of the action on the field.

It looks like I am tagging Iyezk, but really I'm throwing him the ball so we can complete an awesome play. I should probably back up some. Kyle also seems to be invading his personal space a little. Good thing Iyezk is so cool. I don't think throughout the entire play (maybe the entire inning?) he ever even took his hand out of the pocket of those snazzy dress pants.

And of course all my kids would rather play ball than work.
Azia found a good baseball outfit & then did some warm up swings.

And the boys were all business:

Zoran gets a hit & is ready to run.

Israel putting his favorite wooden bat to work.

Lex was less interested in baseball. He played very, very deep right field. Like further out than Iyezk & Paisley who positioned themselves at the top of the field behind the visitor's dugout. Actually he was much closer to the bus shed than the ball field, but that's where he could dig in the dirt and find snakes, so it was more interesting than baseball. Baseball is only interesting to Lex for about one inning.
Of course once I came back home all my piles are still here waiting to be finished and my house still needs to be cleaned, so really I didn't miss out on anything at all.

Now if we could just add another day to each weekend. . .

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  1. What a fantastic way to spend a spring day! The piles can wait :)

    ps I keep looking out my window at the baseball field nearby thinking it would be a perfect Sunday afternoon outing.
    Thanks for inspiring me to just do it :)

  2. This is a much more fun way to spend a Spring Day than the way I did.

    Of course, it was snowing here...

  3. So much fun! And, I really LOVE that sassy skirt. She's got style, for sure!