Day 194: Earth Day

The kids (at least the ones who actually worked) with their bags of garbage. They can't even stop annoying each other long enough for me to snap a photo.

Earth Day started with a snowstorm, which is right in line with the weather this year, so it sort of spoiled any plans to do anything interesting. But, once again it was nice by lunch time so we got everyone outside for a few hours while we had sunshine.  Most of the couple acres around our house was littered with all sorts of garbage & Earth Day seemed as good a reason the other we-have-elementary-kids-home-on-a-weekday-with-not-much-to-do reason, so we spread out with giant garbage bags to clean it up. Of course the older kids started fighting over what garbage each kid was going to clean up and whose turf was whose and who was collecting the most. They are so competitive and physical nearly every conversation seems to end in a mini-brawl these days. Lex and Sage weren't in on the fighting. They just tried to run away & Lex stripped off pieces of clothing and threw them as he went---sort of like a path back to his house in case he got too far away and didn't know his way back. 

After an afternoon of work, all our yards and surrounding areas are pretty garbage-free. For now. Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of all my neighbors' dogs. 

We also have a handful of things that need to be planted. This seemed like another good activity to do today, but my children informed me they don't like planting things. Maybe they are mine after all. It would be nice if we could find some children who did like beautifying our outdoors. The dogs & their disgusting destruction need some counterbalance.

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