Escape to Albuquerque

Look what I found. A whole lot of Albuquerque all uploaded and forgotten about when I returned to Montana and jumped right back into the crazy day to day that is routine around here. I'm not sure why I labeled this post "Escape" though maybe that's exactly what it was. Not a fast-paced escape, but an escape from everything face-paced.

We spent a lot of time wandering around and exploring.  We ate a lot of good food.

And I did a lot of nothing. It was fabulous.
All my work tools...or distractions. I did get most of the new class I'm teaching this quarter outlined. I planned to get more of the actual content figured out, but I discovered the Hunger Games book on my Kindle on the plane and so of course I had to read the whole trilogy. And it's so easy to just keep reading when you can have the book just magically appear on the little machine. I also may have watched nearly the entire first season of Damages on the ipad (Netflix)...while I was working of course. And I have no idea why my computer seems to be stuck on the Amazon site in this photo. I was definitely using it only for writing important academic things.

My plan was to work during the day while Dev was off at his workshop and before we headed off to do things in the afternoon/ evening.  I did get some work done, though not as much as I planned. I didn't get up till 9:00. I had all these (non-work related) books to read. There was some wandering around to do.

I was so busy with all this relaxing, I guess I didn't even have time to write about all this.

I love it when you travel somewhere and you can actually tell you've gone somewhere once you arrive. (Many large streets in many large cities look much the same these days.)

We got to see a traveling Broadway production of Wicked while we were there. I've wanted to see it for a few years and it was amazing!

You can even get chiles on your pizza! Excellent.

And eventually back to this:

which wasn't too bad.

Of course, there was also this:

A whole box full of mail to attend to. . . and that was just the beginning. Apparently life doesn't just stop while you escape for a few days.

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