Day 111: I can do that.

Okay that is definitely a lie.

I cannot do that. Actually I could not ever do that even when I could do flips and splits (on the ground) and other random tumbling things.

Azia, Zoran and I went to watch the cheer competition in Missoula this afternoon since Mackenna,  Azia's teacher's daughter and Azia's new hero, was competing.

Azia loved all the costumes and glittery makeup and loud music. She also was sure she saw Ken. (Ken who I asked? Someone from Mission? You know someone named Ken? "You know, from Toy Story," she explained.  Ahh...Barbie's boyfriend. I guess when he isn't driving around Barbie's pink convertible Ken is cheering for the UofM). Of course while Azia was distracted by the shiny things  Zoran was sizing up the competition. He was pretty sure he could do everything the competitors were doing. He kept pointing out all the guys to Azia so she would see that boys could do it too. Then he'd explain how much more awesome the boys were because they could clearly jump higher and were flipping more times in a row and some weren't even using their hands.

It was pretty impressive once we got to the older team competitions-- all sorts of flips and flying girls and coordinated dancing to really loud music. It reminded me of my plan when I was about seven to be a gymnast. I somewhere got off track with that plan. Maybe I should have Zoran take some gymnastics training since I never followed through on the goal for myself. I have all these children and I don't think I'm doing nearly enough of that reliving lost childhood dreams through them part of being a parent.  Actually, I did tell Zoran he wasn't allowed to start doing flips until someone helped him and showed him the right way to do it. Last thing I need is him practicing back flips off my deck or something.

I once did a back flip off a chair. My landing was unimpressive. I broke my foot. Though I think my explanation may have been some story about falling off my chair while changing a lightbulb. Those weeks with that annoying cast was probably what hampered my tumbling career.


  1. Nice action shot! And the Ken thing was hilarious! =)

  2. Hey, I've got six kids and also haven't done that much about reliving lost childhood dreams through them...it doesn't help that 5 of mine are boys and most of my childhood dreams involved ballet and unicorns.... ; )