You Capture: Sweet

One of everyone's favorite parts of our Christmas Tree trips is the homemade cinnamon rolls Mom makes afterward.

I'm not the only one who loves Mom's cinnamon rolls. She's been making them as long as I can remember. Sometimes they have frosting; most often they're just really good bread filled bits of sweet cinnamon. When I was little I'd even sneak away the cut-off ends of the raw dough and wipe them along the edge of the pan she'd used to cook the sugar-cinnamony filling. I'd love the way our house smelled all afternoon while they baked.  When my sister posted something about the cinnamon rolls on facebook a few months ago both our friends from high school still remembered eating them too. When my son was worried our huge amounts of snow were going to keep us from getting to do all our usual Thanksgiving weekend traditions, the lack of cinnamon rolls after an afternoon in the snow was one of the things he was worried about. (His own mother cannot master cooking with yeast, so I'd imagine that makes the treat an extra big deal.)

My mom's response to everyone's wanting to try the cinnamon rolls and requests for the recipe was that the memories associated with them were probably better than the actual rolls. There is probably some bits of truth in that-- not that they aren't my favorite rolls, but in many of my best memories from childhood everyone involved was eating them.

We all have an awful lot of sweet memories attached to Mom's cinnamon rolls. More than anyone though, Mom's responsible for that, too. Everyone should have a mom who does such an amazing job at creating not just tasty treats but also so many good memories.

This year she had them already finished before we left. I grabbed one on my way out to the car (which was filled with children waiting for me) and of course I had to turn right around and bring out four more when they realized what I had with me.  It really wasn't very nice of me to eat a nice warm cinnamon roll in front of all the children.



  1. I really, really want cinnamon rolls now. We make them every Christmas morning, but I'm not sure I can wait!

  2. Yummy! Can I come over and have some? ♥

  3. My mom also makes some seriously good cinnamon rolls and they are just part of what make her, well, her! :-) Great to have memories like that, but everyone is already asking, who is going to take over making them when she can't anymore?? Good thing we all have her recipes! Great picture - LOVE that last photo!

  4. VERRRRRRRRRY Sweet!!!!

  5. Sweets eatin' sweets! Love it!