You Capture: Holiday Favorites

There are so many favorite parts of the holiday season:

My family squished together all in one spot:

...even if they wouldn't cooperate enough to get a Christmas card photo where you can see our faces.

Snowy expeditions

Azia & Destinty
Off to find the perfect Christmas tree in the deep, deep snow.


and falling asleep part way through the process

Christmas Projects
Getting gifts ready to send
and trying really hard not to eat everyone else's Candy-coated projects

Christmas Programs

Azia and Zoran at their elementary Christmas Concert

Big Family Gatherings
Cousins at Christmas Eve
KaNana & Gwen
Trying out new presents...especially exciting when those presents are on your prohibited list.

Quiet Time at home

So many favorite parts of Christmas.


  1. I love your family all squished together and think that would be the PERFECT Christmas card! So funny and REAL!! :-) Love your Christmas tree too - it's beautiful!

  2. Beautiful photos! Love them all, but especially like the "feet" ones (the first one and the one with the little feet and all the lights)

  3. LOVELY! You captured so many great moments! And this is random but I gotta say I love the flooring in your home and the tree you chose is GORGEOUS! very nice

  4. Thats the perfect way to get a christmas tree and I want one just like that next year. I love the feet shot too!

  5. Such a lot of sweet holiday photos! I love the snow expedition ones, I love the Christmas lights ones... actually, I really liked them all! :)

  6. gorgeous photos! love the christmas lights on the floor. Looks like a fun and memorable time was had by all!

  7. I really like your idea of just the feet! We had quite a time getting everyone just looking at the camera at the same time, forget even smiling! :)