St. Ignatius Elementary Christmas Concert

The third graders played recorders and sang.
I'm just finally starting to sort through all these photos on my computer from the last month and I keep finding things I forgot I had...like these from Azia & Zoran's Christmas concert.

I still miss the days when each elementary class did a little skit or playlike performance instead of just a choral concert. I like watching those better and I still remember coming down in an alien ship (due to some creative special effects by my kindergarten teacher) and singing about my two-front teeth in pajamas and slippers. But I know how much time and work things like that take, this is pretty cute too. They don't include any kids above fifth grade, so that helps with the cuteness factor.

Our family isn't much for height...kindergarten front row: 5 of the 8 are relatives. Same story in the first grade group. At least it makes getting pictures easier!
 It really doesn't get a whole lot better than a bunch of kindergartners rocking out to Jingle Bells.
Zoran all dressed up with his red tie to match his hat. (He thinks about these things.)
Azia-Rain and he good friend Breeze. I love Breeze. And she's as tiny as Azia so they always get to stand next to each other in these things. Of course I don't know if Azia even sang half the songs and she seemed to be watching the crowd watch her more than she was performing. Breeze, on the other hand, is exactly who you want in the front row if you are organizing a performance. All smiles, all enthusiasm.
Jenna who is eight and sometimes seems as if she will be 17 on her birthday next month. Christina and Eldon may soon have to stop letting her out of the house.
First grade superstars: Maysa surveying the crowd. Ahni performing at 100%. (That's the only speed Ahni does things.)
Breeze again. Still love her.
The grand finale!
December 20, 2010
7:00 pm

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