Day 68: Outside

This is so disgusting.

We had little fall sorts of things around the yard...some scarecrows, random collections of pumpkins & gourds, fall leafy garlands. Then suddenly it snowed. It snowed like three feet. And then another three feet the next day. And the next. And that pattern went on for a few weeks. All this stuff got buried and the one time I tried to unbury some of it I realized the pumpkins were completely frozen to the ground.

A couple days ago it just as suddenly got warm. In one afternoon our piles and piles of snow completely disappeared. Now, just in time for Christmas, everything looks like that gross first big thaw of the spring...where all the garbage and whatnot hidden under the snow all reappears. So, now I have all sorts of things like this all over my lawn. (On the plus side I did find about seven random gloves and three hats that had become buried and lost in the snow.)  I had big plans to get everything cleaned up but then I spent all afternoon visiting the dermatologist and the optometrist and trying to get every appointment in I didn't schedule in the previous 11 1/2 months before it is too late to use my flex money. I need to be more organized.

Maybe tomorrow we'll start with the yard.


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  1. What a cool thing to get out of the mess...love the pic!