Shutterfly House Party

Zoran helping get ready for the party. Well, he blew up some of the balloons they sent in our package of supplies. Then he took them away to play with the other boys somewhere in the other room. This may not really seem like a helpful thing but it did mean there weren't 5-6 crazy little boys running and jumping around a dozen people trying to talk and work on computers so it actually was probably really helpful.    

Last month I got an email from Shutterfly asking if I wanted to host a "Making Spirits Brighter" houseparty. Basically, the deal was I could invite over a dozen of my friends to swap ideas and create some photo books. Shutterfly would send me some goodies to pass out to the guests and give me a free book and some deal coupons for hosting. Since I'm already a fan of Shutterfly and I really like free stuff it seemed like a good deal all around.

Saturday we had everyone over for a brunch & idea-swapping session.

Shutterfly sent little tote bags for all the guests, along with some packages of werthers candies and coupons for a free 8x8 hardcover book, free holiday cards, and a coupon for some more werthers candies. It's good that they included the candy coupon since my children found the candy quite delicious and all the party supplies arrived too far advance of the actual party. I'm not that great at hiding things. All that was left from both packages by the time everyone arrived was that little glass full on the food table. We had all sorts of other snacks though: pumpkin-mousse filled pumpkin muffins, chicken enchilada dip, fresh fruit, chicken- chili-corn soup and cider, soda, mimosas, & water to drink. 
Wow we are all so rude. We had the poor pregnant lady sitting on the hard fireplace bench! Poor Jenny.
Azia didn't want to be left out. She got out her little computer and made a book with everyone else.
Checking out the photo books people brought to share...creating their own
Some of the shutterfly books I've made in the last year (and some of the example holiday cards burried underneath the sent for everyone to check out). We probably had 12-15 books to check out with all those everyone else brought to share.
Joey & Tara
Valerie getting some grandkid input about her book from Daij and Jenna.

 So the party has been over a whole week and I still haven't finished & ordered my free book! I better get busy. Half the people had them ordered by the evening of the party.

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