Day 42: Paintball Warriors

Since Israel's birthday is on Thanksgiving we decided to celebrate early. It's always hard to figure out what to do for him since his birthday always in right in the middle of holidays & hunting season and his friends are always out of town or doing things with their families. There were still all sorts of things going on Saturday so we had a whole day of middle school boy activities. We took a group of boys (3 to 30+ year old "boys") and a few brave females up behind Michael's for some paintball all morning. The afternoon was the Cat-Griz game so we headed back home to watch that. (We were much warmer than everyone watching it in Missoula.) Then, in the evening we had more people over to watch the UFC fights. In the middle of that about 20 people slid off the roads in and around Mission so we had a handful of non-injury ambulance calls sprinkled among all that.

Somehow in the middle of all that we never remembered to do the actual cake with candles and ice cream and or watch his birthday movie so he gets another birthday dinner with just our family tomorrow night. (And when I told him we were just having dinner with our immediate family he said, "so that just means you and Dad and Azia and Lex and Zoran and Yaya and Papa? And probably Daij and Gage and their families, too?")

He really knows how to make the best of this no-time-to celebrate dilemma we thought we were having.

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