You Capture: Signs

Azia welcoming everyone on the highway to Mission.

I don't notice signs very often most days. One of the afternoons we were in Seattle I kept noticing them everywhere. I think it was Azia's influence. She labels everything. Attaches signs everywhere she goes.

Here's a few of the signs I did notice this week...all of which I'd actually like to write about, if only writing about things wasn't so far down my list of things I need to get done in the very immediate future.
We went to the Fair over the weekend

Another sign I drive past every day. Sadly I think this sign actually might be in better shape than the bar.
The big yellow sign welcoming me home. I've gone from really disliking that they labeled the road I live on like this to really wishing it was more of a dead end while huge trucks were speeding by my house and destroying the road all summer. 
I'm still ambivalent about the sign, but when I look at it beside these pictures of ones of one of my favorite signs in town,  life here really doesn't seem like a dead end at all:
This is just one of a handful of signs across the Reservation that now have the Salish place names (with English explanations) right alongside the more commonly known contemporary names for areas.
not a bad place at all....
And this one was funny to me just because it's not even posed! Notice none of them are really looking towards the camera? They thought it was really cool to make all the trucks and vehicles driving by on the highway honk at them. Tons of people driving by did, which just encouraged them to keep going. So, most of the photos I did take look like this. The honking was way more interesting than the picture taking. As Lex told me, "I like the cars that beep."



  1. Love the Dead End sign picture!

  2. Love them all...

  3. Beautiful photos! Lovin' all of them, especially the ferris wheel shot!

  4. I love the danger do not rock seat sign, the texture on it is great.

  5. The first picture weirded me out initially. It's a scale thing. I kept seeing a teeny-tiny girl on a normal-sized sign. It was creepy. The lounge sign is cool. I felt much better once I saw the last few sign pictures. Actually I love the last few pictures. I can just hear those kids giggling. What a fun way to do the sign assignment.