Headstart Powwow 2010

The boys: Kellen, Zoran, Erich & Tre.  (Bryce left before I thought to take a picture.) Watch out kindergarten, here they come!
Dancing..Jack & Bryce made it in this one.
Grand Entry at the Events Center in Ronan.

This dancing is serious business.

Lex and Zoran "dancing." This isn't a bad representation of their relationship. Zoran always beating on Lex (or the walls, or inanimate objects that frustrate him...) Lex continuing to go about his business generally unphased. Both of them pretty happy to be hanging out with each other.

Jenna & Azia are experienced Headstart Powwowers. And in half of my pictures they look as if they're sharing one giant shawl since Jenna was using Maysa's (which I made out of some of the same material as Azia's) and her and Azia seemed to be dancing a few feet away from each other the whole afternoon.

Azia had nice tightly braided hair thanks to Yaya. Well until she ripped it all out and looked crazy after about an hour--an hour seems to be about the upper limit for Azia having anything in her hair. She really likes the idea of looking all fancy...for about 12 minutes. But at least she looked a little less wild when she was dancing than she did at the Mission School Powwow a few weeks ago.

Zoran was also really sweet and gave Azia his brand new moccasins he got from Headstart. He never even wore them once, but she didn't have any that fit and he has a couple other pair (the boy doesn't grow) so he told her she could have him. His temper is such a noticeable personality trait I too often forget how really kind he is most of the time, especially to Azia. (Even when they constantly wrestle & throw each other around the house, most of the time I seem to be the only one really bothered. )

Aiden's cool little shamrock moccasins. (I know that's not how he spells his name anymore, but I don't remember the new spelling...that old spelling is close enough to let you know who I'm talking about.) I think Michael said Jody made them for him. He also informed me that he was pretty sure Aiden wanted me to make him a kilt before his first Headstart Powwow. (Because everyone knows how far in advance I start projects....)

I'm pretty sure Aiden's going to decide to identify with his Italian heritage. People are way too excited about the red-headed little Irish boy.

(And yes this is a pretty lame photo...it's nearly impossible to take a picture of little feet right next to you with a giant telephoto lens.)

Israel (and Azia when she got tired of dancing) also photographed the event. They actually got some really cute portraits of some of the kids. I'll have to start recruiting them to help me. One of the great things about big families and small towns and all my kids having wonderful friends (already...before they even start school!) is that I realized there were dozens of people important to us at this powwow--nine of my nieces and nephews, a handful of kids I watch many days of the week, half a dozen other kids of our friends and all my kids'  friends... and most of the people there could fit in a couple of those categories.  And most of them I didn't get great photos of.  Hyper five-year-olds dancing at high speed in the middle of a giant circle of other people also dancing in bad gym lighting is really a photo op beyond my skill level.

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