Mission School Powwow 2010

Azia and Zoran.

 Azia and Zoran still dancing away...even though everyone else is almost gone!

They got a late start. I had to go on an ambulance call right as we were heading up to the school so Mom had to come get Azia's stuff and Zoran missed the first half.

 Dancing with Dad.

This is why you usually braid your hair before dancing. Azia was looking sort of wild today. Next time I'll have to see if her short hair is long enough to braid. We'll also work on actually having all her stuff with her before the dancing starts. At some point I need to make her a real dress.  When I made her the shawl I thought it would be just for the one powwow and she'd go back to her jingle dress. She sort of looks like a 1920s flapper or something. I just made a leftover piece of material into a big sac and sewed fringe on it so she'd have something to wear under the shawl and she's now been wearing the 15 minute creation for a year...a little embarrassing.

For some reason Lex was in a bad mood the whole time we were there. This is pretty much what he did, except usually he was holding on to me with his other hand. He wouldn't even go dance with Dev. He told me he didn't even want to dance on the way in though. I didn't know that was what he was telling me at first. Our conversation went something like this.

Here Lex, put on your shirt. 

I wanna dance.

I know, put on your shirt and we'll go in. 

I wanna dance!!!

I know. You just need to put on your shirt first.


As he was stomping around, clearly upset that I seemed to be ignoring him,  I remembered his tendency to forget to add in the one word in a sentence that makes it negative when he DOESN'T want to do something.  Anyway, after we established that he didn't want to dance today. He just stood here and watched everyone else dance.

I still didn't finish the outfit I started for Zoran last year. Hopefully I'll have time to make him some sort of shirt before the Headstart one in couple of weeks. Today he just wore his Run for Education shirt inside out. That was really difficult for him since he has his strange issues with visible seams and tags and anything that touches him or isn't quite straight. He wanted a plain shirt, which we didn't have, so when I switched it inside out and handed it to him he gave me a very worried look.  "I don't know" he told me really slowly, "that is so, so weird." He sort of whimpered as he put it on, but then once he had it on he did just forget about it.

Zoran actually told me today he wanted to switch to the other kind of dancing where you "use a cape." (He was hanging out with Azia and all her friends who switched from jingle dresses to shawls a few years ago.) He actually probably would like fancy dancing. It sort of fits his personality better than traditional anyway.

I was afraid Zoran's old outfit would be too small for Lex since they are getting close to the same size now, but I didn't realize Zoran actually wore this just last year.

Lex and his traditional attire.  He wore his Yankee hat and Azia her Ugg boots. They are contemporary Indians after all. Or maybe they just have a disorganized mother. I like the first option better though.

Headed home....down the bulldog path.


  1. It's a good thing my kids aren't going to school in Mission, because I would have NO idea what to do for these events! Your kids look cute :)

  2. Laura, if any of your kids decided they wanted to dance, I'm pretty sure they'd not only have some pretty awesome outfits, but it wouldn't be long before their friends would be asking you to help with theirs too!