March 14, 2010: Springing Forward

I hate the Spring end of daylight savings time. At least I hate getting up in the morning--either an hour late or feeling like I lost a whole hour of sleep. Today I somehow completely forgot it between about 11:30 pm when I saw the reminder on the news and 9:00am (which was actually 10:00am) when I got up too late to even wake up my kids up for church.

Once we got everyone up and going it was a beautiful day. Very Spring-like and beautiful. We spent the afternoon at the University at the International Food and Culture Fair. Afterwards, I think the kids had almost as fun playing outside on the lawn and hills. Everyone in Missoula seemed to be climbing the M. The L was full too...in Azia's words, there were "ants all over it!" Sometime we need to stay & climb the M (though I prefer it when there is nobody there instead of all of Missoula!) but today we headed back home so kids could play baseball. As the weather stays warmer, they're getting more and more excited for the season to begin.

And I have to admit, that extra hour of daylight this evening was pretty lovely.

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