International Food & Culture Fair

The annual Food & Culture Fair was at the UofM on Sunday. My boys were excited to go get some good food. And Azia was ready for all the craft and project stations they always have.  We go to this almost every year and I realized this weekend that it's become one of those things (even though we only do it once a year) that they've figured out the (or our) routine for. After making our way into the crowded UC (it's always crowded for this event--at every level) we wander around so everyone can see all the different foods and drinks from all the different countries people are selling this year before deciding what they want to try. Zoran was sort of upset he could find his "white pancake things" that he had last year. (I have no idea what that is.) But eventually they all found things that looked good. I also find it interesting that Zoran likes trying everything. Zoran normally tries nothing. Especially if there is a chance it was made with vegetables or any anytime was once near something else that contained vegetables.

After we all find & buy our food we regroup up at some of the tiny tables on the second floor. Apparently this is near the end of the eating not at the beginning because it looks like our food is almost all gone.

Dev trying out some noodles.  Lex picking out some sort of Estonian pudding with berries. He was pretty sure this was the first thing he needed to have. It was pretty tasty. (And made at least partly with potatoes?!)
After eating we headed over to the Children's room.  They fill up the cafeteria on the second floor with all different tables where kids can create things or do some sort of art project from all different countries. International students from all sorts of different places help run it.   This is Azia's favorite part. She's always excited for art projects.
Lex liked being different people in the little cut outs. The Eskimo one was his favorite--it was just his size. Dev wanted to be the chief.

Azia helping Lex with his Batik painting.
I wanted to take a picture of all the kids together in the sunshine. This is as close to normal as I could get. And I took like a dozen pictures.
And then out to enjoy the sunshine. I think Azia was already feeling sunshiny when she got dressed to leave...and then she even made a bright yellow kite at the Afghanistan table to match her bright yellow clothes.

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