October 14, 2009- Zoran's Birthday

We had Zoran's party a day late (on Wednesday evening) since none of the kids have school on Thursday or Friday because of teacher conferences. Since birthdays have been the big topic for the gang of boys for the last two months he was pretty excited. Deva and Sarah made him this cool Yankee cake & he got to play party games and open lots of presents. He was kind of angry with me because I forgot to invite some of his friends from school, since the date was kind of a last minute decision. It's hard to find an open date with all the October birthdays in this family! Still with all the cousins and family here there were more than 40 people for the party so I don't think he remembered some of his other friends weren't here. And of course Bryce, Tre, Jack, & Kellen were, so at least he had the main crew.

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