Headstart Egg Hunt

Zoran hunts eggs quite aggressively, just as he does nearly everything else.

Zoran was figuring out strategies. Though there were a dozen kids in this area, they all went right (he went left). He has a wide open area of unexplored egg territory.

After he had a few eggs in his bag, he went to get Lex to help his brother find a few,too. Lex actually wasn't that interested. He kind of liked to throw them at people, but little plastic eggs are kind of lame balls as far as he was concerned. They didn't travel fast or accurately. The real eggs were a little more fun to throw.
But then he discovered candy. The plastic eggs were filled with candy. He quickly became more of a fan (and even more quickly threw those real eggs away to free his hands to find more candy).


Zoran and some of his Headstart cousins: Lettie, Ahni, Zoran, Lex, Tre, Bryce, & Iyezk

And some more family. Headstart events really are a family affair. These are all Carpentier counsins (though none of them are actually Carpentiers: Trinity, Zoran, Tre, Tia & Zhane.

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