And another Egg Hunt

We had to have an Easter Egg hunt at home with the daycare kids (which this day basically happened to be all cousins again) so they could find all the eggs they decorated. I think this year we were going for some kind of record number of egg hunting events attended.

The lineup. It's a bit too chaotic and competitive to just open the front door and let the kids go look for eggs. A smaller child or two always gets trampled and someone else begins throwing a fit because someone got a headstart ahead of someone else. So, if you give them all an even landmark they need to stand on (like the sidewalk border here) until the "Go" signal, it all seems to run more smoothly. It's also a good point in the day to make sure most of the kids are accounted for. At this point we were only missing one: Lettie. The kids were actually pretty patient while Gwen and I searched for her. We found her laying on Zoran's bed, watching cartoons, eating all the candy from the earlier egg hunt at Headstart. She was quite annoyed at my disurbing her.

This is serious business this egg-hunting.

Iyezk always wanted to find an egg. And then he was done. One seemed to be enough at every hunt.

Zoran finds an egg up high.

Bryce comes up with a strategy.

Spreading out throughout the front yard/ cow pasturish/ play area.

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