Coloring Eggs

Zoran & Jack. Though they colored the same amount of eggs, Zoran was completely dyed green by the end of the process (see below). Jack didn't have a drop on him. Zoran was completely confused about how Jack was able to do this.

One of these years I'm going to remember to cover the eye dying surface. I always have colored counters for a week or so. Although there is an awful lot of green here, it's actually the pink that lingered this year.

It's a very precise and scientific process this dyeing of eggs, especially if you have some OCD tendencies like Zoran. However, it is helpful to remember to grab an egg when figuring out the process.

Here, Zoran works on patience...it's very contrary to his nature. He wanted to know why Paisley's eggs were so much brighter. When I told him it was because she had patience he said he didn't even know what that was. Once I told him, he spent the next 20 minutes sitting at the counter alone, telling the other kids what patience meant and trying hard to have some so he too could have some bright eggs. It was probably the most difficult 20 minutes of the whole day.

Ahh success. A non-pastel blue egg. (Though I still don't think it was as bright as Paisley's. ) And I'm not going to tell him that really her key is indifference, not patience. She just drops one in and then has no real ambition to do another. She'd just sit and watch everyone else.

The coloring crew.

The day we ended up coloring eggs with the little kids was a day there actually weren't a whole lot of kids. More eggs for Maysa, Paisley, Zoran & Jack. Lex was asleep. He seemed to be asleep for almost all the Easter activities this year which is too bad because he's at any age where nearly everything is interesting to him. I just had bad timing.

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