Zayda: 10 Months!

10 months old and on the move!

A day or so after she turned nine months she finally just got up on all fours one day and just started crawling across the living room floor. She hasn't slowed down since.

 She pulls herself up to stand against things and moves along the coffee table and other furniture, usually trying to get herself in the middle of whatever is going on.

  The weather is nicer and now she loves being outside. After a few times of initially not being real fond of the feel grass, she got over that quickly and loves to crawl around outside.
She's beginning to understand more--she knows her name and definitely understands "no." (Though following the directions, not so much.) She also likes the words "go" and "bye" because they mean she gets to go somewhere.  She tries to say things--kitty is still one of her favorites, though it sounds more like part hissing, part choking, part "kiiitttteee." But she knows what she means. She's pretty excited about most animals. She loves playing with cats and dogs and is interested in whatever animals we happen to see.

She's a good sleeper and sleeps all night if I don't wake her up getting into bed. (She still sleeps with me...apparently the big bed is better than her little crib.) She slept all night pretty much right after she was born, but when I went back to work after a few months it messed up her sleeping, and I think she preferred not to have bottles while I was gone so she just switched to waking up a few times at night to eat. Hopefully she's growing out of that now that she eats all sorts of real food.

She seems to have grown out of her worry-of-others phase. She's more eager to make the rounds and visit with everyone when we're out somewhere or visiting someone. She's still generally happy almost all the time--to the extent that when we're out and about strangers even comment on how smiley and good-natured she is. Hopefully she doesn't grow out of that!

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